build  /  draw  /  program

these three concepts, drive everything we do

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Digital Photography

For the soon to be Tokar’s, I travelled down to Texas A&M and captured this memorable day for them. Photos were edited and returned within the week and optimized for large prints and social media posts.

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Visual Graphics

For Jacob Heppner, I do custom graphic overlays to add timers, counters and workout information to his YouTube videos. From how-to videos to long metcon workouts, the videos wouldn’t be as engaging.


Video Editing

For Richardson Area YoungLife, I shot video and recorded audio on several locations to create dynamic and engaging videos for their fundraising banquet.


What is thatstemclass?


ThatSTEMclass is an opportunity for me to share what happens in my classroom. As a teacher, most of what my students do and how I teach them goes unseen. By utilizing YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, I can spread the projects and ideas we have with a global audience. The mission is to encourage others to build, draw, and program.

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My Classroom

The classroom has collaborative stations all around the room. Each with a 42" TV, 6 laptops and iPads. The students use the HDMI cables to connect their laptops and iPads to present their work to their group. This also allows me to monitor their collaborative progress with a quick glance. Over the past few years, these stations have enabled more active engagement for the students in all my lessons. This an environment focused on promoting collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.


My Story in 100 words

My first 7 years teaching were in the Math classroom. During that time I searched for ways to engage my students using the technology they naturally have all around them. My classroom didn't begin transforming until the students received 1-to-1 netbooks in 2011. I began using an iPad in class in 2011 also. Later I received 4 more iPads to use as stations. In 2013, I became the Robotics Magnet teacher and our school became a Google Campus with all students 1-to-1 with Chromebooks and using Google Apps for Education. I use Google Sites, Google Drive and video lessons to make my classroom paperless and engaging.


What do I teach?

I teach my students to understand the programming and parts that go into manufacturing and robotics. Through classroom projects, individual exploration and guided practice in programming & electronics the students will grasp the automated world around them. My students learn how to draw, how to build and how to program in different formats. The official class titles are STEM Robotics & Automation and the Concepts of Engineering and Technology. My students learn AutoCAD (2D), SketchUp & Inventor (3D), VEX Robotics and EasyC programming to name a few.