Growth Mindset Reflection

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When I was newly married, I did not have an understanding of how things were going to go. Living with a new person is tough. One hard lesson I had to grow and understand was that she is on my team and not against me. We are not competitors in life, but instead, we are partners. 

When I think about the growth mindset, I thought about myself eight years ago. How I reacted to feedback, even from someone that I love. I was quick to anger and felt very judged. I am better now but wish I had a growth mindset to handle the challenges of finances, chores, and scheduling earlier on in my marriage.

I caught myself in a YouTube rabbit hole, this often happens to me, watching Trevor Ragan's video about the growth mindset. He states that we flow back and forth between Fixed and Growth Mindsets. This fluidity varies from topic or area. I see this evident in how I work with my learning and how I work with my students. I am more forgiving and encouraging with myself but am very critical with how I speak with my students. It was very convicting to hear that my praise or feedback could stifle learning as much as Carol Dweck alludes. If I graded my students based on their effort, I would have a completely different group of top students.

I will be rewatching these videos and look to dig deeper using Carol Dweck's book as a resource and to reach out to the YouTube community. I have a few teachers that make regular videos about how they interact with their students, Too Cool for Middle School and Real Rap with the Reynolds. By watching these videos as a resource for learning rather than entertainment, I believe I can gain a new perspective from others who are in the trenches with me and willing to share.

Upon looking at the graphic, I thought of my students that cringe, they even say the word out loud, and can't handle when their assignment involves self-exploration and an open path to completion. My fixed mindset students give up too quickly when they find out that they have to work to get where they are. I had a student turn in their project and once graded told me, "Glad I got the grade, now I won't use this anymore." It crushed me. 



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