The pecking order at work

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"Helpfulness means I don't have to know everything, I just have to work among people who are good at getting and giving help."

This is life changing. It excludes stubbornness from our environment when followed. You aren't afraid of helping others because your skills are necessary for them and their skills to you. 

A while back I was working on a Math team that shared our works with each other. I was the weakest link, I didn't bring much to the team besides passion and hard work. The experience, intelligence, and skills of my teammates combined with my passion and we made some really great lessons. The students gravitated towards learning more the days these lessons were used because the timing that Mrs. C had perfected over the years was now in my classroom where I had developed a strong relationship with the students. Eventually, I became better at delivery and timing.  One can learn so much from others when they remove the competitive nature from it. 

I never thought of this as being as essential as it is until Margaret Heffernan pointed out that only a few of the superchickens were still alive. I want to be part of a thriving collaborative group, not part of the superchicken flock.


Heffernan, M. (2015, May). Forget the Pecking Order at Work [Video File]. Retrieved from


3 Key Points from our Group Discussion

  • "When individuals come together as a group, we can really come up with some awesome stuff."

  • "Being able to have those true, trusting relationships with my grade level has contributed to our success as a whole."

  • "I try my best to make sure I am also checking on my mentee, filling her in on things and making sure she knows that she has support"


M O R E   P O S T S


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