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I have learned a lot over my 12 years of teaching. Most of that has not come from anything that I have taught myself but instead things I’ve learned from others. After a rough first year teaching, I learn to sit quietly during department meetings and soak up as much as possible. I learned better management of my classroom, tips for tackling the tall stack of emails, and how to request more equipment for my class. These are just a few things that I’ve learned and wanted to make sure that any teacher has the chance to learn from the things that I also have. I want to demonstrate what I have learned so that it is helpful for others to grow. 

The eportfolios are a digital way for me to do that and share this information with more than just my district. The tips found here can be accessed, commented, and collaborated with people from anywhere because of the reach of the Internet. By having this collection of content, I can share and continue to share my information. Every time I learn, I can add it to my portfolio using my smartphone, computer, or camera. 

My eportfolio becomes a scrapbook of what I have done. By being the curator of it, I get to pick the most impactful parts and highlight them in my eportfolio. Along these lines, students that had their own would be able to do the same. Instead of the conversation at the dinner table being bland, in this imaginary world, students eat dinner with their parents; students could pull up their work from the current English or Math unit and share their presentation, reflection and comment section. Sending that fantastic piece of artwork out to Nana and Abuelo with a simple email. Their creative project, now accessible anywhere.



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3 key points from our group discussion

  • "Figuring out what is 'portfolio worthy' and what is superfluous is going to be important for us."

  • "Technology is very practical and saves a lot of space. a perfect place to come back to and reflect on their growth."

  • "Reflecting on the student’s work will prove instrumental in measuring the student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the relevance, reliance, and success of my assignment."

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