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My journey with technology has been long and eventful. This summer I was preparing for another Chromebook 1-to-1 rollout. Last time I did this was just a few years ago at the junior high level. Back then we implemented Google Apps on campus and it changed the way we did everything. After a few years of exploration and learning, I was beyond excited about another chance to disrupt culture. I say "disrupt" because from my experience if you are teaching the same way for too long, you aren't meeting the student's or society's needs.

This rollout was not just happening on our campus but on all 4 high schools to 9,000+ students. The district has been using Google Apps for awhile but now all students will have access all the time. This brought about a need. Staff development is great but once it is over, what resources are there to continue learning.

These two minute tech tips found in this YouTube playlist cover all the things I feel are essential to learn. With 20 videos covering Google Drive, Sites, Apps teaching how to create, share and master these tools.


Who doesn't have 2 minutes to learn something new?


Two Minute Tech Tips Level One Playlist

Two Minute Tech Tips Level Two Playlist

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