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Technology is everywhere in the life of my students. In my classroom I teach them to take their ideas from their heads to their hands. Making their creative ideas come to life. The problem is their ideas are limited by what the equipment we have can do. I have looked into ways for how and why this can be changed. The first and main thought I came to was Augmented Reality. This is a new and dynamic medium for us to communicate our ideas to others. Apps are everywhere that take advantage of this technology. Sparks flew when imagining my students designing a prototype and having their peers see what they created.

Walking through the steps of my implementation plan with some of my colleagues they noticed my pacing may need some adjustment. The overall plan was sound but I needed to be ready for some hiccups if they arrive. One of the areas I see that might be a big bump would be the app development. After looking into what goes into app creation, I saw that more and more time may need to be assigned here. I have quite a bit of confidence that when my students lock on to this idea, they will be motivated and that drive will fall into the timeline I set.


Below you can find the supporting documents for what and why I chose this project. This is something that I am very excited about introducing to my students and seeing what they make of it. From their normal design process to the next level of peer evaluation procedures, this is just the beginning of this Augmented Reality Journey. It will be a path to change the way they create the amazing ideas they have.

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