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I remember when I had to ask my mom if she was done with the phone so I could dial into AOL's modem service. The bings and bonks are nostalgic. I loved the potential the internet brought me. Any song, any car design, and any question were at my fingertips. This all began for me in high school. My curiosity for this technology led me to use Microsoft Paint to create. For the last 20 years, I have been using computers to create digital graphics, websites, and videos.



I love this stuff. I love learning about it. One of the ways I learn the most is seeing other people's work and deciding what I like and don't about their design. I think of it as a hamburger with different toppings. Fried egg and bacon may work for some, while others might like chili, cheese, and bacon as a topping. I have pulled some design elements from these sites: (branding & blogging formatting) (big bold images) (organization & cleanliness) (layout)

While an ePortfolio is the goal of my site, I want it to be more of an adventure as you look through it. Something that is gripping and warrants a revisit again and again. This is why I look at non-ePortfolio sites for design and layout inspiration.


3 key points from our group discussion

  • "For me to use it in my current role I need it to perform as easy as Twitter or Facebook."

  • “One thing I am trying to do on my site is to make a conscience effort to stay ‘above the fold’ This is an old term from the days of newspaper where the most important information should always be right on the front without having to open the paper.”

  • "With that said, we do have choice and ownership over our e-portfolio so I am less nervous about it then when we first began"

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