Teacher Tag

This #iteachtoo Teacher Tag is going around and I wanted to share my answers to the questions. I've enjoyed watching others with their #iteachtoo responses and wanted to share about myself. It is so interesting that there are so many teachers out there with such different stories of how they got into teaching.


Questions so you can answer:
1. What do you teach and where?
2. How long have you been teaching?
3. Did you always know you wanted to be a teacher?
4. What is your typical #teacherootd?
5. What do you usually bring for lunch?
6. What is one of your favorite books about teaching?
7. What is one of your favorite teacher movies?
8. Who was your favorite teacher?
9. Who are some of your favorite teacher YouTubers/Instagrammers/Snapchatters…?
10. What are your best classroom management strategies?
11. What is one reason you decided to become a teacher?

Thanks for watching.

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