Calculating Gear Ratios

Calculating Gear Ratios | found at

During the VEX Robotics season, designs need to be refined and tested. Last season during Starstruck, we spent many weeks testing out which combination of gears would give us the right amount of strength and speed. This calculation is easy most of the time but when in a hurry or testing out lots of different ideas at once, we needed a tool. 

Scratch programming is something that I have taught my students for 5 years now. It is a great introduction to how programs function and the order of logic structures. Students can even remix other projects to "see how they tick." It's visual environment draws students in and makes learning the basics or exploring deep level programming engaging. This is so true for even me that I made a VEX Gear Ratio Calculator for my students to use as a tool in their design process.


gear ratio example.gif

Click below to access the Calculator.

There is even a VEX IQ version for the younger students working in Elementary or Middle School.


Select your Driving gear first then your Driven gear. This does support compound gearing up to 8 gears/sprockets.

Driving = attached to the motor
Driven = being turned by another

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