Ownership = Creativity

Ownership = Creativity | found at thatstemclass.com

The ownership aspect is key when you are making an ePortfolio. My students will begin their ePortfolios soon, and I can't be more excited. I am planning out the way to present it to them. 

Option 1: Here's the "why"... get to work
Option 2: Checklist of items / Detailed Rubric

The struggle is how much would I be taking away from their ownership by giving them too much guidance. I believe that these students need to own their ePortfolio for a few reasons. By feeling a connection to their work, they will be more eager to share with others. If they created it in their format, they would comfortably be able to navigate when sharing. Since the student selected all the works on the ePortfolio, the end product will be unique to them which will draw them back to it for further improvement and maintenance.

I don't think either of the previously mentioned options is wrong. The perfect mix will be similar to a client's request for design work, "We need this, to accomplish this, and have these things on it." I'll make sure they have the resources needed to accomplish some tasks, changing colors and fonts, but I won't deliver a template for them to follow. This I have learned through my graduate classes thus far. Too much direction will considerably affect the creative result.


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3 key points from our group discussion

  • "I think, if we taught the COVA model from a young age, our students would be more creative thinkers and learners."

  • "I try to change things up as much as possible to give students the choice to design their own product as long as they are meeting the rubric requirements."

  • "Let them do most of the talking with you asking open ended questions. 'Why did you do this?' and 'How does this represent you?' Reassure them there are no wrong answers."

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