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For my grad school class I had to take four personal assessments. I don't love taking these because they have the tendency to put people in a box. I don't want to be put in a box... or in a corner, because nobody does that.


Keirsey Temperment Sorter

Result: Artisan

I was shocked, just based on the one-word title. I read through the full description and laughed at how right on it was. I love working with my hands and solving physical problems and challenges. I was lucky to be a part of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University and spent a majority of that time training my attention to detail skills. I recall and remember essential points from conversations which I believe are part of being a good leader. Being informed and recalling the information demonstrates passion and understanding for their role.

I would hope that those around me would agree that I am a people person. I seek out ways to creatively involve them in my adventures. From quick trips on the weekend and try something new to building a project for the first time, I desire to explore the full potential of my skills and the skills of those with whom I am working. 

"... opportunities others don't perceive, and applying information to present or emerging challenges."

One of my heroes is Steve Jobs. He once called himself and an Architect of Ideas. From what I can gather, he would be an Artisan too. I'm not as gifted as this man, but I believe that by seeking a degree in Educational Technology I am on the path to becoming an Architect of Ideas myself. Any district that is working on innovation needs some moonshot thinkers and artisans to push the limits.


Task vs People Profile

Result: Task = 15 & People = 7

According to the Mindtools website analysis of my score, I am a Produce-or-Perish Manager. I focus way more on the productivity and then the team's needs. I believe a great leader needs to be hard and fair. My lean towards results and possibly ignoring the feelings or morale of my team is far from ideal. While strictness is essential to leading a group or an organization, empathy is also. From this assessment, I can't help but feel that I am in need of improvement in this area.

"... believe that their team members are simply a means to an end."

This isn't an attempt at an excuse but possibly a cause for my mind to operate in this manner. As a teacher, for the last five years, I have been a one-man team. I write my own curriculum, set my own timeline and choose my own activities. My classroom for a few years was even nicknamed "the cave." I could go from my car to teaching and back with only interacting with one other team member. This is less than ideal for sure. It became easy to avoid people and get my work done, checking off the list. At the time I was not leading a team. Right now is the best time to work on these items before I am in charge of the morale and effectiveness of a group. I can improve my score by involving myself in projects that require others to work alongside or lead. Talking less and listening more during group meetings will allow me to hear more views and feelings towards the morale and direction.



Ethical Orientation

Result: Organizational

This assessment had me seeking deep in my heart for responses. I have never taken anything like this before. The results line up with my results from the Blake-Mouton assessment. My concerns are more focused on the organization, group or team instead of the individual values. Had I only taken one of these assessments, I would probably deny that I lack this much empathy in a work environment. Not too possible after these both reflect the same characteristics and values. 

I don't feel this description of me is terrible or condemning. It does show that I need to improve in: involving others in what I am doing and feeling out the esteem of those I work alongside. As a teacher it is essential to be sympathetic. Working with young minds in their volatile emotional states, any lack of empathy can shut down the lines of communication between the teacher and student. Listening to their needs above the "essential" objectives for the day will build something great than checkmark on the agenda, it will build a relationship.


Conflict Style

Result: High = Negotiating & Low = Avoiding

Conflicts are frustrating but are always around. I think of the Coca-Cola commercial where the people are arguing about which kind of pizza style and toppings they like. In the end the don't actually agree but choose to drink a Coke with their meal. Disagreements can end in many ways I have always wanted a level result so both groups are okay with the results but not thrilled. My "negotiating" label aligns with this. My students often work in groups on projects with lots of elements. There decisions around every corner and with a diverse group of students... lots of arguments. I step in and negotiate daily. Sometimes I will insert either my opinion or facts based on the students involved. There are times where I catch myself trying to find an end to the disagreement based on timeline or impatience. This is not desirable because not all conflicts should be negotiated away or squashed so quickly. It is possible for a correct amount of learning, engaging to blossom from conflict if allowed the time and nurtured correctly.

The results also pointed out that I was low to "avoiding" a conflict. The way I read into this is I care about moving forward. Whether this be for a goal or project, I am focused on that end result and will run that way even if it causes or brings about disagreements. When they do occur, I am willing to dive in and evaluate them. As previously stated, some conflicts may need to grow or be processed by those involved. The person wanting to push the argument may need more understanding and therefore could avoid the situation entirely. By being prone to stepping into conflicts I deny opportunities for others to grow.



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