professional Learning Networks

Association of Texas Professional Educators
I joined many years ago because I was looking for advocacy and protection for professional educators.

International Society for Technology in Education
This international organization is great for seeing how large the technology impact is. I use this PLN as a resource for my learning.

International Technology and Engineering Educators Association
A collection of great STEM focused resources and ideas. These help spark my projects for class.


Texas Computer Education Association
Our state conference that I have attended and presented at. This is where it all began for me and my desire for technology implementation. It is a fantastic resource of ideas.

Technology Student Association Advisor
We compete through this organization and really have enjoyed all the offerings and diversity of competitions and challenges for the students.

VEX Robotics Forum
As a VEX team mentor, I believe this is essential for me. A place to read the rules, get clarifications, ask my troubleshooting questions about our programming, and bounce design ideas of others.