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Underwater Robots - Explore the Water

At Berkner STEM Academy, there has been a Robotics Strand for many years. The students showed interest in taking a senior level class and truly putting their learning to the test. To take the many small projects and turn them up a notch. Our Seniors would be building underwater robots in class.

presented Jan 2019 at Texas STEM Conference


Google Intermediate: D.S.S.F.

An intermediate glance at the power and usefulness of Google's Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms. Learn the new updates of each app and how to use these new things to enhance your classroom engagement. Included are videos and examples that will help kick-start your students.

presented Aug 2016 at Berkner HS Staff Development


Scratch: Computer Programming for All

The Scratch programming language is a free, web-based block language. It sounds intense and intimidating, but it is the best platform for students to easily create projects. With sound, artwork, and movement that's easy to program, students get immediate feedback to their code.

first presented Feb 2016 at TCEA Conference


Making 21st Century Learners: Raspberry Pi and the Maker Movement

Use Raspberry Pi to get students involved in the Maker Movement. Amazingly simple projects enable students to learn a little coding, a little engineering, a little design, all while constructing something that works. A project-based learning aspect prevents students from being overwhelmed and allows them to take command of their learning experience.

first presented Feb 2016 at TCEA Conference